Welcome to the homepage for the Jay County Robotics teams!


Kyle Love

JCR Role - Lead Teacher, Tournament Manager guru

Bio - Mr. Love is a teacher at both of the Jay County middle schools. He teaches technology and robotics to the middle school students. He has been involved with robotics since he was a freshman in high school. In his college years, he helped to mentor a FIRST team in the Lafayette area.

Since coming to Jay County, Mr. Love has focused on helping students with the technical aspects of the robots and helping to run the VRC competitions.

Caleb Hummel

JCR Role - Alumni, Technical Mentor

Bio - Mr. Hummel is a 2012 graduate of Jay County High School and a Jay County Robotics Alumni. He helped mold the program into what it is today. He is currently an employee of Fastenal and helps with the mechanical portions of the program.

He was a member of 1193A when he was in high school and attended the World Championships every year that he participated. He brings to the team a great connection between what we learn while competing and how we can apply it once we graduate. He spends most of his mentoring time helping with the middle school program and helping all teams with programming. It is great to have Alumni back to help with the teams!

Nathan Weesner

JCR Role - Mentor

Bio - Mr. Weesner joined JCR last season to help with the middle school teams. He has became a critcial member of the group when it comes to helping the middle school teams build and test their robots. He specializes in mechanical designs. He is new to the robotics world, but has gained a lot of experience in the past season.

​JCR Role - Jay Schools Business Manager, Mentor

Lori DeRome

​JCR Role - Mentor, Tournament Manager Specialist

Bio - Mrs. DeRome is a nurse at one of the Jay County elementary schools and a mentor for us. She helps us at events and helps to take care of all of us while were on the road. She also helps a lot with Mr. Love when running events. She also provides a great view on how we can solve the challenges that we face throughout the year and is always a great proofreader for our engineering notebooks.

Brad DeRome

JCR Role - Mentor

Bio - Mr. DeRome is the Jay Schools business manager, parent and mentor to Jay County Robotics. He is also a great mentor to the students, helping us at competitions and making sure that we always keep our heads in the game.

Doug Tipton

JCR Role - Founder, Advisor

Bio - Mr. Tipton is a vocational electronics teacher at Jay County High School. He has been involved in robotics since 2008. He is the creator of the Jay County Robotics program. His background is in industrial electronics.

Since creating the Jay County Robotics program, he has helped get kids involved and find a spot for any student willing to show up and help with the program. He is currently working on creating an organization to help unify all robotics programs in the state.